Warning Signs That You Need to Pay More Attention to Your Partner

There are many signs that your partner could be losing interest in you, and you need to give them more attention.

Nine times out of ten, if you have that sneaking suspicion or inner intuition you should listen to that voice because something is probably up.

Notice I say, “Probably.” Women and men who have been cheated on before tend to jump to conclusions.

It’s important to keep an open mind and consider some of the following hints that perhaps he or she is losing interest: pay more attention to your partner

  1. They won’t be intimate - If your significant other has started to push you away more, such as shrugging off hugs, giving you a cheek to kiss instead of lips, sitting farther away from you on the couch, or keeping interest in other things more often they may be seeing someone else.
  2. They are dressing up more - If you notice they’ve changed their style, or are looking extra nice for work, the gym, or any other activity that doesn’t include you. Granted this could also be a way of getting your attention. It could go either way, honestly.
  3. They are on the phone or internet more - Unfortunately the phone and internet are ways of communicating with someone else in a more secret manner. If they take their calls outside on a walk, text a lot more, or are spending hours on the computer at a time when you two would normally be together it could mean bad news.

The (semi) good news is that you have taken notice of one or more of these things and it more than likely is not too late to save the romance.

Often times the only reason one partner will stray is because they are missing something that they originally had with you.

It could be intimacy, surprise, feeling sexy, new adventures, or maybe they want to do something that they feel you wouldn’t do.

First, there are some “do not’s” that you should be aware of:

  • Do NOT spy on your mate
  • Do NOT jump to any conclusions without solid evidence
  • Do NOT go crazy angry and start yelling bloody murder
  • Do NOT start acting paranoid (even if you are)

Ok. Now that that’s out of the way…

Next, begin focusing and paying much more attention to them.

Little romantic gestures, surprise rendezvous, and simply asking what it is they fantasize about doing with you are all great ideas.

Also, switch up your look. Too often people in a stable, comfortable relationship will start becoming too relaxed with their looks.

This is about feeling sexy. If you take care of yourself it will build confidence, and confidence is hot. Try a new hair color or highlights, start working out regularly and invite your lover, or maybe engage in a new adventure with them like some sort of classes, or an amazing trip.

This should be a time of rediscovery. Let them know, that there is no way you know one another completely already and you yearn to know more about them.

You will be well on your way to hopefully saving your relationship.

In fact, it is best to look at this as a chance to make something that was already good even better.

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