Romance in the Digital Age: Using Technology for Romance

The other day, my neighbor and I were sitting out on her patio, and she got a text in the middle of our conversation. She peeked at it, and smiled sheepishly.

I’m thinking, OK?

So I go on with my story and she gets another text. Same thing, wicked grin a quick text back and she sets the phone down apologizing to me.

So this happened a few more times and I said, “OK woman, spill it, what is going on here?”

Turns out it was not some secret lover sending her flirty texts, it was her husband. The best part is that he was right inside the house smiling at her through the window. I have no idea what the texts said, and I probably don’t want to know but it got me to thinking.

Many people feel like we are disconnected socially in this modern world of texting, camming, social networking and the like.using technology for romance

After much consideration, I tend to disagree! I feel like all of this technology may be bringing us closer. So why not used it to our advantage like my neighbors did?

Granted we may not want to only express our romantic feeling “virtually”, but we can use these new avenues of communication to help us reconnect. It can be so easy to lose the romance and excitement in a relationship we forget that now have the tools right at our fingertips to keep it fun.

Here are some tips for using technology to keep the fire burning between you and your lover.


Cards have always been such a daunting task. Honestly, who wants to – or has the time to – go to the card store and browse through dozens of cards trying to find the perfect one.

It is not a fun task at all.

Thank the heavens there are e-cards that have come to save the day (and save time). Many sites even have animated cards with music. Beat that plain old boring paper card!

Plus, if he or she gets the card at work they can show it off to co-workers. Everyone wants to show off their special someone!

Social Network Your Way into Their Heart

I have noticed that those who are not in a relationship can be annoyed reading romantic posts, but who cares!

This is not about anyone else this is about nourishing YOUR relationship.

It only takes a few seconds to show how much you care by posting a status just for your love. Don’t “spam” your love though! A cute message every few days is enough.

There are groups that you can join as well that post many romantic pictures and quotes. You can “share” the quote on your partner’s page which is a subtle way to be romantic.

Video Chat – It’s Almost Like You’re There

You don’t have to be miles apart to video chat.

Heck, follow my friend’s tactic and just like the texting, go sneak on a computer in another part of the house and message your partner saying, “Come cam with me.” What a surprise that would be, and everyone loves surprises.

You could even run a bubble bath and hop in, and turn on the cam. I am pretty sure they will be joining you in a flash.

Of course webcam chatting is nice when you are apart as well. There is something about seeing and not being able to touch that makes the heart grow fonder. It’s definitely a tease!


If you want to learn more about tips for sending sexy and flirty text messages, check out this other article.

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