Unique Gift Ideas for a Woman

gift ideas for herSo you want to wow her with a unique gift? You’re not the only man who has trouble choosing the perfect gift for his girlfriend or wife.

Whether it is for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, or just for no reason at all, women always love gifts that are thoughtful, and make them smile. The good news for the guys is that it can be easier than they think.

First off pay close attention to the things she loves and the things she wants to do. Women love to talk so you should have a ton of information stored away (ha ha!). Honestly, I have friends that have told their mate in exact words what they want, and strangely the guys still have no clue what to do for them. But no worries, there is a gift for every personality!

For the Cook

If she loves to cook (even if she’s horrible at it) or adores gourmet eats, there are endless gift options for your girl. Here are some of the top gifts for your –very- personal chef.

• Gourmet Cooking Lessons
• Personalized Apron
• Top of the line cookware
• Kitchen decor
• Dinner at a top restaurant


The Adventurous One

Does your girl always like to try something new and exciting? Can she can exhaust you any given day with her enthusiasm? These gifts can satisfy her itch for adventure and maybe calm her down for some chill time later on.

• Take her Parasailing
• Treat her to surfing or skiing lessons
• Go Bungee Jumping
• Go out mountain biking, climbing, or get her a new bike or gear to do so.
• Try Skydiving
• A gift certificate to an outdoor supply store

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Miss Romance

In a sense, if she is super romantic she will be one of the easiest to please. Also, with these gifts you are sure to get plenty of kisses.

• A box of gourmet chocolates, casually ask what her favorites are
• A spa package, every woman loves to be pampered!
• A set of her favorite romantic movies for you to watch together
• Anything personalized; a locket is a great choice.
• A photo shoot for the two of you, or even just for her.

The Traveler

Is your girl always on the go? Then there are tons of great ideas that you can buy separate or bundle together as one gift (depending on your budget!):

• Handmade or personalized travel journal
• Fancy passport and document holder
• A travel guide for wherever she plans to go next
• A CD with music from her next destination
• A portable translator
• A new tote bag or backpack that will replace her previous well-traveled (and worn!) one

Other great gift ideas for her

If you’d rather have her gift be an experience rather than something physical, there are several unique choices that would be great for the two of you. Be sure to bring your camera and at the end, present her with a photo album to hold all the cherished memories.

Some unique experiences she’ll love are horseback riding, a surprise day or weekend trip, a hot air balloon ride, a dinner-cruise, or a new kind of lesson like surf lessons. When you encourage your partner to learn new things it gives you both a chance to grow together. This is a key element in a successful relationship.

Whatever you choose for your girl, she is sure to love that you put for the effort. Even with some of the strange and random things I’ve received in the past, I can still look at them and laugh, and laughter is definitely not something to take for granted.

If all else fails…you can always get her a new pair of shoes!

4 Responses to “Unique Gift Ideas for a Woman”

  1. Marc Tetreault

    Dec 08. 2012

    I never know what to buy my girlfriend. She has almost everything, and if she wants something… she just goes and buys it. Women in this generation are way more self-sufficient it seems. So this guide really helps me anyway lol. She is pretty adventurous and loves to cook… so now I have tons of ideas to pick from. Perfect since Christmas is right around the corner 😉

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    • Tana

      Dec 11. 2012

      Good for you for actively looking for new ideas to make your girl happy Marc! That scores you points already in my book!
      Women are more independent but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it when we see our partner make that additional effort to be romantic.

      I wish both of you a lovely Christmas!

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  2. Kate

    Nov 19. 2012

    These are great ideas for men!! Lots of them seem really obvious to me but not always to the man of the house!! The number one thing is that they should pay attention and listen – as you said, we love to talk. Most times I could leave a list on the fridge and he would still struggle!!! GEES!!!!

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    • Tana

      Nov 22. 2012

      Hahaha, yeah. I do feel you really gotta spell it out for them.

      I think we just have this Disney idea about romance and really everyone has their own way of expressing their love. However, since the idea is to make the OTHER person feel loved than it is important to really listen and find out what it is THEY find romantic. That’s what I find adorable: when my husband take some effort to do something he knows will make me smile and make me feel special.

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