Unique Gift Ideas for a Man

gift ideas for himMen always think women are hard to buy for, and women think men are. It’s an endless cycle. There is no shame in searching for help and ideas when it comes to buying a gift for someone you love. You may not have realized it but that guy has probably dropped some hints already.

Regardless, here are some awesome and romantic gift ideas for men that are totally unique.


Men love gadgets! They always want to have what their dad, brother, or friend doesn’t have so they can show it off at the next gathering. Men are tinkerers by nature so anything they can play with is a winning gift. Some of the latest and greatest items to come out of the electronic world are:

•  USB Portable Turntable – Vinyl is cool, this turntable plugs into your computer’s USB port so you can play it anywhere.
•  The Hopper – Offered by Dish TV, this awesome DVR allows the user to skip all major commercials on any network, instantly.
•  Ultra Wide Cinema 3D Smart TV – really, the name says it all!
•  Nexus Q by Google – This little sphere allows you to stream music and video into your home, controlled by an android, tablet or like item.

Season Tickets

You will be his hero for providing him with season tickets for two to his favorite sporting event. Hopefully he will take you along but if he takes a buddy instead, don’t fret. He’ll be bragging what an awesome girl he has. Plus, you’ll show your confidence as well. Men love a confident woman!

Give an Experience

There is bound to be something he’s said that he always wanted to do, such as learn to fly or go skydiving. By giving the experience as a gift, you show him that you listen to his dreams and you are happy to help him make them true. That is something he is guaranteed to never forget.

Sexiest Gift Ever

Give him a gift card to a lingerie store. When he looks at you with a confused look on his face, tell him he’s buying for you and you’re going to wear it later for him. Then enjoy watching his jaw hit the floor. Just make sure he has your size!

Guitar Lessons

Let him unleash his inner rock God by taking a few guitar lessons. Practically every guy has the secret desire to learn to play. The benefit is that he can serenade you afterward, which is super romantic!

Contrary to popular belief, guys really are easy to please. The best method to picking the perfect gift is to think of his favorite things to do. If you are totally stumped on finding a romantic idea, talk to a best friend, sister, or even his parents to see what they think he’d adore receiving. You can earn a little brownie points doing that!

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Google Nexus Q

6 Responses to “Unique Gift Ideas for a Man”

  1. Kate

    Nov 19. 2012

    Hey season tickets are a great idea! Something I’ve never thought of. We’ve started giving experiences or weekends away – it was getting so hard to think of something fun every year!!

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    • Tana

      Nov 22. 2012

      Oh definitely. If your have a sports aficionado in your life then this is a great idea. I have a friend who has done this since she started going out with her guy and he loves her for it!

      But if there is an annual musical, theatrical or other artistic event that your partner really digs (not all guys just go for sports), then you can surprise him with a ticket for that too!

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  2. Rita

    Nov 15. 2012

    I have terrible trouble buying for my husband. I have great ideas, but he unwraps whatever it is and then makes a comment about how something else would have been better. No matter what I buy him. Tickets to Vegas for his 50th birthday – “oh, I thought I could get a little boat!” Next birthday he may have his gift inserted somewhere!! And after reading Kay’s comment, now I want a hopper for myself!!!!

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    • Tana

      Nov 16. 2012

      In the case of a serial-complainer like yours, I would just recommend a gift certificate/voucher. That way you can’t go wrong because he gets to pick his own gift! You can just accompany it with a nice personal card and a big kiss. 😀

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  3. Kay

    Aug 12. 2012

    Nice read! I can definitely agree with you about gadgets! All the men in my life get a gadget for every gift giving occasion, and they love it! I can also agree with you about the Hopper being one of the latest and greatest gadgets of this year! I upgraded my dad to a Hopper a few weeks ago for his birthday, and he was thrilled! He loves the fact that he never has to worry about recording conflicts on his favorite primetime shows, and that he can skip through the commercials on some of those shows with Auto Hop. I would definitely recommend getting any TV lover out there a Hopper, because it really is an awesome device. I have had one since I heard about it back in March, from a coworker of mine at Dish, and love all of the features I get along with it. Unlike my father, my favorite features are the apps like Facebook and Twitter! 🙂

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    • Tana

      Aug 15. 2012

      Thanks Kay!
      Definitely men love gadgets and the Hopper is a hit. I had never even heard of it until a friend mentioned it and lights went off in my head. 🙂 The men in your life are quite lucky indeed!

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