Being Romantic and Flirty with Text Messages

A little flirty goes a long way! sexy texting

If you fail to flirt the romance of your relationship can falter, and it can become redundant and boring.

No one wants that!

Thank the heavens for all of today’s modern technologies, they can make flirting so much easier. Effortless in fact.

Texting is an easy way to flirt throughout the day when you are apart, and amp up for some evening romance.

You may feel silly texting some things at first, but it’s all in fun and definitely adds some excitement!

Before you get your mate going on text flirting you need a bit of a game plan.

I like to say something like, “I was just thinking of that time we _______.” I bring up a romantic time we had, to let him know he’s on my mind.

Guys and girls both love approval and when you bring up how much you enjoy them it’s a huge ego boost.

Compliments are also great. You have to let him know that you still think he looks hot. You could say, “You looked so sexy in that suit this morning I didn’t want to let you leave.”

Of course, there are some ground rules to flirt texting.

  • You want it to be romantic, but not over the top or too much.
  • Do not converse via text all day long. There should be some times when you don’t answer right away. Otherwise you will seem overly eager. If you think about it, I’m sure you can recall times you were waiting for a text and the anticipation drove you crazy. This is a good kind of crazy. Text him or her before lunch, then go to lunch and do everything you can to avoid texting back until after. Good things are worth waiting for! This concept is reminiscent of the beginning of your relationship, when finally getting that text or call was exciting and new.

You don’t always have to be apart to text flirt. Some of my best texts were from another part of the house, or while we were both shopping.

Here are some of my favorites of all time:

  • That guy in the sporting goods section was looking at your butt. I almost punched him in the face!
  • Hey, I was just in the kitchen looking for a sweet snack, I decided I want to nibble you instead.
  • Someone is at the door, can you get it? (I went to the door and it was him, and he kissed me.)
  • (From the bedroom) I can’t seem to find anything to wear, can you come upstairs and not help me get dressed?

As you can see it’s all about creativity and fun.

I’ve always loved sending a text to my guy while we’re at a gathering. I try to make it one that would make him look around to be sure no one else saw it!

No matter what you type or when you send it, the bottom line is it lets them know they are important. So go for it and watch how things get steamy!


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