Romantic Ideas to Get Your Groove Back

Some people are just born with a rose gripped between their teeth and ready to recite a Shakespeare sonnet. For the rest of us, being romantic requires a bit more…thought.

You can go to a movie or watch a soap opera and get the impression that romantic love is all about roses and poems and walking under the warm rain (have you tried that, by the way? Walking under the rain? It’s not that warm and it’s not that romantic.).

In reality, you can perform a little less grandiose gestures for your loved one and still express just how much you care, all while making his or her heart melt.

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Ok. So How Do You Make Their Heart Melt?

All right, let’s dive in here.

First of all you need to have a clear idea about what it means to be Romantic.

Roses for everyone?

First of all, it’s important to start off by saying that romance means different things for different people. Though lots of people enjoy flowers and a little love note every once in a while, what can have one person walking on clouds may make another feel like wanting to walk the plank.

For most people, romantic feelings begin when they experience a strong physical attraction to another person. These feelings may grow into romantic love if the person is also attracted to the other person’s personality, attitude towards life and how they feel when they’re together.

Romance then derives from wanting to get close to another person and wanting the other person to want to get close to you too.

Do roses achieve this for everybody?

Certainly not.

rule#1 of being romantic: do what brings the other joy and pleasure

Nobody in a healthy relationship wants to be with someone who makes him or her unhappy or miserable. So if you want the object of your affection to come close to you, do something that makes them happy and fills their heart with delight.

I’d like to get to know you

What constitutes a romantic gesture will depend in large part on whom you’re “after”. So, hopefully, you have been paying attention and noticing the little things that makes that person smile.

When the two of you are just starting to get to know each other most likely you will try to be you’re your romantic feelings by doing things that are generally appreciated by the majority of people (according to your culture, generation, etc). This could be opening the car door for your date so she can get in, sending a cute thank you SMS after a nice dinner, offering a coat or jacket if it’s cold, posting a nice picture or message on the other person’s Facebook wall, giving a nice massage after a long day at work.

The object at this initial stage is to let the other person know that you enjoy that person’s company and that you would like more of it.

After you have been going out for some time you will have more information on what makes your loved-one unique and what kinds of things brings them joy. This will give you clues on how to make your romantic efforts special and kind of “tailor-made”.

Nothing feels more romantic than knowing that the other person took the time to really consider your feelings and what makes you happy when giving you a present or preparing something special.

OK. Now That You Get The Idea, Do You Need Any Fun Ideas for Your Date?

Good! I have tons!

The Importance of Creating Unique Romantic Ideas

Romance has the power to enhance love, and creating unique romantic ideas can help a couple’s relationship to remain strong.romantic couple by the sea

While some dates are perfectly happy with traditional romantic situations such as receiving flowers, going out to eat or watching a movie together, others have simply grown bored of these traditions. As you will find on this site, there are many wonderful and unique romantic ideas, and most are quite simple to plan.

The best dates involve new adventures that both people will enjoy and remember for a long time afterwards. Sometimes, planning a unique romantic date is as easy as finding out what your partner has always wanted to do but has never done. There is nothing more romantic than a thoughtful person offering opportunities to fulfill dreams.

Check out just a few of these posts with great ideas for fun dates:

All is Fair in Love

Keep in mind that there are no restrictions when it comes to being romantic. A romantic outing can include a low-key casual date, a leisurely stroll in the woods, a sexy night in, or a fancy and expensive date. As a matter of fact, some of the best romantic dates are casual dates. Being romantic can also be as simple or elaborate as people may choose.

While some partners may enjoy dinner and dancing at an expensive, suit and tie restaurant, others may be happy going for a quiet picnic by a lake. People do not always have to spend mounds of money on their romantic ideas. In many cases, some of the simplest ideas are the most appreciated and cherished.

Getting into the Romantic Mood

romantic stick figures_boy gives girl flowersSome simple and inexpensive romantic ideas that are unique include cuddling by a fireplace, ice or roller skating, watching the stars and cooking together. Cooking together can be much more romantic than going out to eat. You can set the mood by doing such things as dimming the lights, lighting candles, having some nice wine, and playing soft music. You can even feed your partner (save some room for dessert!).

The whole idea of creating romantic ideas is to enjoy each other’s company, have fun and build a stronger relationship. Some other great ideas for romantic dates include going to parks, playing mini-golf, learning to tango, going to a carnival or playing sports together.

What NOT to do

There are many fun things to do on a date but there are also a few things you should stay away from.

  • Don’t dwell on past relationships. This applies to new couples as well as those who have been together for a long time. Many people make this common mistake, and it can be one of the worst. Seriously, nobody wants to hear about how “that jerk” never called you back after you told him you loved him, or how great your ex-girlfriend used to cook and fold your laundry and how much your mom just loved her.
  • Never spend the entire date whining or being negative. A date is about having fun and enjoying your time together. Your date will not be entertained by your whining no matter how understanding he or she may be. Try your best to be upbeat and positive, even if your world seems to be handing you nothing but lemons. This goes for couples that live together too: A date is not the time to bring up budget problems, stuff with the kids, or troubles with the in-laws. This is about you two remembering why you fell in love in the first place.
  • Don’t be a jerk. Being romantic is also about treating the other person with care and respect. This also includes not hogging the conversations, being polite, looking at people in the eyes while they are talking (gazing is allowed too!), not interrupting when they are speaking, taking their thoughts into consideration when making joint plans, etc. When you treat others with respect, you shine in a nice light in their eyes too!

Learning how to be romantic and coming up with romantic ideas for gifts and dates may seem difficult, but it does not have to be. While romance and love hold different meanings for people, communication will help people find ways to connect with their partners. When people take the time to learn about their partner, being romantic and creating unique romantic ideas will come naturally.

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