Romantic Christmas Ideas

romantic christmasChristmas is romantic all by itself: the falling snow, candlelight, mistletoe…the setting is already there! So when creating romantic moments, you’re already a step ahead. Thank you Christmas!
Gifts don’t necessarily have to be opened. In addition to unique gift ideas, there are also many things you can do to have your loved one smiling from ear to ear, and gushing to friends about how awesome you are.

Gifts to Open

Sexy Photos – Make sure he or she opens this gift in private. Boudoir photos have become increasingly popular. It never hurts to remind them how sexy you are. Photos are taken in a discreet setting and you’d be amazed the magic a Boudoir photographer can create.
Season Tickets – Tickets for two can guarantee a romantic year for you both. Whether it’s to the opera, sporting event, or local theater what makes this a super romantic gift is promising to go along with them.
Personalized Ornaments – A personal set of ornaments is a way of cherishing what you have together, and then being reminded of it every year. I remember a friend of mine getting the cutest ornament set of Disney characters and each one had their names on it. She was a big fan of Disney and underneath the set were tickets to Disney World as an added bonus.
A Book – It sounds simple, but when buying someone who loves to read a book you can include an inscription in the front. They will have the book and the inscription forever and it will become a cherished item for years and years.
Something Engraved – This is along the same lines as the book. When you make an item personal with engraving, it touches the heart so much more than just giving the item itself.

Romantic Christmas Dates

Sleigh Ride – Take them on a sleigh ride if they are available where you live. Cuddle in a blanket together, and bring an iPod with romantic tunes on it. Put one ear bud in your ear and one in theirs, that way you have to keep your heads close together. Kiss kiss!
Ice Skating – Go ice skating! Hold hands and when you bring them a cup of hot cocoa borrow a pen and write a romantic message on the cup for them to find.
Hot Tub Hotel – Escape the cold and get a hotel room that includes a hot tub. It’s even more romantic if the hot tub is outdoors and you can enjoy the winter scenery, you may get lucky and it will start snowing.
Bake Cookies - Cookies are a staple at Christmastime and baking together can be a lot of fun. When you are all done, sit down to your favorite Christmas movies and eat some cookies by candlelight.

There are so many things to do at Christmas that are romantic. Don’t forget to add the special touches to make it even more romantic.

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