Romantic Anniversary Ideas

anniversary ideasWhat can be more romantic than celebrating the day you both declared your endless love for one another?

The majority of couples celebrate with a romantic dinner. Can you imagine his or her surprise when you have planned something totally out of the norm?

Switching up your normal routine can definitely add spice and romance to your special day.

Awesome ideas for celebrating your anniversary in a new way

365 Reasons

This is a simple and super romantic way to remind the person you love, why you love them all year long. Head to the craft or home store and get a jar or vase and some construction or fancy looking paper. Cut the paper into 365 pieces and on each one write a reason that you love your significant other. Every day they can remove a paper to read. It’s the gift that gives all year long!

Learn Something New

This one requires a little planning. Take a class together and learn something new. Some ideas are dance lessons, pottery making, or learn to shoot a gun. Couples that learn together stay together because encouraging personal growth is great for your mental well-being. Also, you may find you like something new in the process!

Be Brave

Adrenaline can really get the juices flowing if you know what I mean. Overcome your fears and do something crazy together like skydiving, mountain climbing, swimming with sharks or bungee jumping. Then take the evening to a romantic hotel room from there. Bow chicka wow wow!

Dinner In

For a unique twist on an anniversary dinner, hire a personal chef to cook new and exotic foods for you both at home, rather than going out. Sometimes they will even allow you to help so you can learn how to make new dishes. Just make sure if you have kids you arrange a sitter for them away from home.

Renew Your Vows

In the morning, tell your spouse they need to call off work, that it’s important. In most states you can just walk into the courthouse and have the Justice of the Peace renew your vows for a minimal fee. Make it a surprise and write vows shortly before. You’d be surprised what your significant other can come up with on short notice.

Movie Marathon

Pick a favorite movie from each year you’ve been together and cuddle up on the couch to watch them all. Stock up on your favorite snacks and just hang out together all day long, reminiscing.

It’s always a wonderful surprise when the person you love plans something special as a gift. The most important element of celebrating your anniversary is being together, and celebrating all of the things that brought you to one another to begin with.

Here are some ideas for a romantic bedroom decoration:


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9 Responses to “Romantic Anniversary Ideas”

  1. Dedicated servers

    Mar 08. 2017

    If you both are constantly working, there’s no better way to unwind than than a relaxing day at the spa. Even if the concert doesn’t fall on the exact anniversary date, grab tickets and spend the night rocking out to you both love.

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  2. Dedicated servers

    Mar 02. 2017

    What was your most romantic trip with your spouse? What are the elements that made it so special and how can you make those a part of this year s anniversary trip?

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  3. Nancy

    Aug 10. 2016

    We are celebrating our 32 years of marriage on 8/11/16. I won’t have time to come up with 365 reasons but I think I can do 32 reasons ( one for each year we have been married) . It would still surprise him that I came up with that many, lol.

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  4. A.C. Richmond

    Dec 08. 2012

    The Movie Marathon sounds like a great idea since my wife and I love watching movies at home more than anything else. I think she would go along with the idea if I explained to her that it is a romantic idea since we are watching one movie from each year we were together. It has been 12 years so that’s a lot of movies. I can’t even imagine someone who has been together for 50+ years lol.

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    • Tana

      Dec 10. 2012

      Haha. I agree…50 movies back by back may be a little too much! Maybe you could just pick 50 songs and just dance to them together! 😉

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  5. Joshua

    Nov 20. 2012

    My parents just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. My sisters organised all their favourite things and I could see my dad was so relieved!!! I think he really just wanted to eat the giant cake!!

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    • Tana

      Nov 21. 2012

      Close one! Good for your sisters!
      25 years is a landmark- 🙂 Congratulate your parents for me. I wish them many more years of happy marriage!

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  6. Danielle

    Nov 19. 2012

    The 365 days is a cute idea. It sounds like a lot of reasons to think up. If I’m panicking that I can’t think of enough reasons is that a bad sign? lol

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    • Tana

      Nov 20. 2012

      Lol! It might be a good idea to not leave this one for last minute or you might run into writer’s block! Best start a few weeks before and notice all the little things that make you love your partner, why you think they’re so cool, sexy, smart, kind, etc etc…

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