Fun and Romantic Ideas for a Wedding Proposal

ideas for wedding proposal

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So you’ve decided to pop the question. No matter who you are, you are most likely nervous, there is no denying it.

Should you go big, over-the-top, blow your mind proposal? Or do you stick with the simple and sweet method?

Either way as long as your heart is in it, and it is uniquely you, your significant other is bound to say yes. I’ve compiled a few unique ideas that are both simple and amazing, so you can be confident in your proposal.

Hopefully the only one who is weak in the knees will be your future husband or wife.

Their Favorite Holiday

Whether it is Christmas, Halloween or Fourth of July, every holiday has a fun theme that can make for an exciting proposal.

The twinkling lights at Christmas are perfect. You could skate up to her (even stumbling is cute) and fall, literally to one knee. Take your beloved on a sleigh ride, complete with hot cocoa and offer her a huge marshmallow with a ring in it.

On the Fourth of July you could include sparklers for a simple idea. You could pop the question at the finale of your local fireworks display.

At Halloween have fun with a proposal by incorporating a silly costume, like cupid. The best part is you will never forget the date of your proposal!

An Everyday Surprise

This can be an extreme surprise if you play your cards right. Perhaps she makes coffee or breakfast every morning and you can hide the ring in the coffee can, or egg carton.

If you meet at the gym each day, set the ring on the elliptical next to you and say you saved them a machine by you.

It can even be as simple as placing it on their pillow at night so when they come to bed they are shocked to find the box just sitting there.

Even the simplest method is memorable as a surprise.

The Thoughtful Proposal

Create a scavenger hunt. Tell them for date night you’re doing something new. It can be as big as the neighborhood or as small as your apartment.

Each clue leads to the next, but has to highlight a special time in your relationship. For example first kiss, meeting eachothers families, etc.

The last item will be the ring, which of course is the treasure.
Go Big or Go Home

If you really want to impress your future husband or wife, you can go all out.

Some great ideas are to hire someone at a local aquarium to hold a sign underwater, rent the scoreboard at a game to pop the question, use an airplane banner or skywriting to ask or there is always the option of renting out a beautiful space and decorating it with candles and rose petals.
Special Delivery

This is an awesome idea! Go to your local appliance store and get a refrigerator box.

Have someone he or she doesn’t know “deliver” you to the door. They can say something like this is a special delivery, or the delivery of a lifetime. When they open the box, be on one knee with the ring.

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