How To Be Romantic

So you are here for one of two reasons.

Either you have a new love interest that you are looking to impress, or you have a significant other who is complaining that you are not romantic enough.

Unfortunately, usually romance doesn’t come naturally for a lot of us. The majority of us regular people are not born into the skill. If you’re reading this then you are making an effort to become more romantic, and that’s awesome!

how to be romantic

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when on your journey to becoming romantic.

Know Your Romantic Interest

Know what he or she would like because you know them, inside and out. This requires one skill: Listening. Listen to every word they say and take mental notes. The best romantic gestures are those that are carefully planned around the interests of the person they are being performed for.

I’ve had some major flops simply because my significant other wasn’t listening to me. I pretty much told him word for word what I wanted, and I got the opposite. While any gesture is appreciated, in the back of my mind all this told me was that he really wasn’t listening to me, and the whole thing crashed and burned.

Deep down everyone knows that if a person hears you say, for example, that your favorite Skittles are the purple ones and then they proceed to pick all of them out for you and wrap them as a gift, then this person thinks you’re special.

Be Creative in Love

Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean to take a trip to the nearest arts and craft store. Although, if what you have in mind requires it, go for it.

All that this means is that every little detail of a romantic gesture counts.

If you are simply making dinner, you can draw a heart with the knife in the mashed potatoes, fold the napkin into a swan, and spell something out in chocolate syrup on a plate of strawberries.

It is always the little things that count, and that will stick in his or her mind long after.

Put Your Heart Into It 

How to be romantic, Western Suburbs Rugby League Football Club players…

Put Your Heart Into It (

If you think it’s silly, it probably is.

Usually we can tell if you feel awkward. At the same time, if it is something he or she likes, going out of your comfort zone for a special date could be great. It could show that you care so much you sacrificed a bit of yourself for their happiness and that’s just cute.

It’s ok to be a little silly, but if you are dreading the task, don’t do it at all. Find an alternative that you can live with. This way, it can be a wonderful memory for the both of you. After all, this is one of the greatest gifts of being romantic – the memories.

Memories are the gift that keeps on giving for all time.


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  1. Rita

    Nov 15. 2012

    I’m going to print this out and staple it to my husband’s head!! Do you think that will have the required effect? There’s a reason all those women questioned their lives when Twilight came out – Their men were completely useless at romance!!

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