Tips for Giving an Amazing Massage

giving a massageFrom technique to atmosphere, every element of a massage is what can make it a spectacular experience, or a flop for your partner.

A massage is an easy, personal, and caring gift to give to your beloved.

It not only shows that you care about their comfort and well-being; but is shows you put the time and effort into a gift, rather than just grabbing something at the convenience store on Christmas Eve.

Okay, maybe that was far-fetched but I have known guys that do such a thing (your clue will be if it says “As Seen on TV” on the box ;-) ).

A massage is a great last-minute gift that can be easy to arrange. It can also lead to more passionate ways of showing your love…

So ditch the stores and follow these tips.

Steps For Giving a Great Massage

Study Your Craft

This sounds like a chore, but it’s really not. There are tons of books at the library and local bookstore.

If you don’t feel like going out of the house to learn a few techniques, there are plenty of sources online, including YouTube where you can watch videos.

Most recommend if you are a new at giving massages, that you should go lightly on the massaging to start. You can ask your partner if that feels good, or if they want you to use more pressure. Sometimes a lot of pressure up front can end up being painful or uncomfortable.

You can do just a back massage, or be bold and do a full body.

  1. For a back massage, start by raking your fingertips up and down the back, you can even alternate with one hand going up one side, and the other going down the opposite side.
  2. Next, circle your hands counterclockwise with the palm flat on the back, and the fingers pointing away from the spine.
  3. Finally, place both hands on one side of the spine, fingers toward the sides and pull with one hand while pushing with the other.
  4. Repeat this on the other side.

Setting The Mood

There are three elements to a great massage atmosphere:

    • Comfort
    • Lighting, and
    • Music

Make sure your partner has a comfortable place to lie down. It could be the bed, the floor covered with blankets and pillows, or a couch (as long as it’s easy for you to straddle them).

For lighting, obviously you should turn the lights down low via a dimmer, or best bet use a bunch of candles. Scented candles can alert the sense of smell which can also be very sensual provided it’s a pleasing smell. (Just be sure the candles are not near anything flammable. A fire can ruin the mood real quick!)

For music, something mellow, rhythmic and sexy works best. Be sure you set the volume low so they can remain relaxed and can still hear your voice guiding them through the massage.

Finally, you can always add things like rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries, or champagne.

A romantic massage is a time to go all out! Enjoy!

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