Fun Date Ideas

romantic couple in swimming poolAfter the day-to-day routine, you should know that you play a big part in your date’s relief. If you have a date planned, they are thinking about it all day, anticipating what you will do together. Romance and fun are definitely two necessary elements for a great date. So whatever is planned, if you can say it is both of those things it is sure to be a success.

Plan a Lakeside Dinner Date

No one ever expects to find a fancy dinner at a park. Pick a table by the lakeside, set up linens, candles or lanterns, and a radio with romantic music. You may need an accomplice that can stay with the things while you pick up your date. Pick up the food for the dinner and call them when you arrive so they can light the candles and set out the food. Your date will be impressed.

Secret Swimming

This may be more on the fun side but it can also be romantic if you’re lucky. Get in your bathing suits and grab a towel. The idea is to sneak into fancy hotels and use the pool. Sometimes, (especially on weekends when it’s very crowded) you will not get asked if you are a guest. Other times you have to sneak right back out. It can be an adventure though!

Winery or Brewery Tour

Most every area has a winery or a brewery. It’s fairly inexpensive to take a tour where you learn about how the product is made, and do a tasting. Some even have live entertainment and serve snacks, lunch or dinner as well.

Dessert With a View

Pick up your date’s favorite sweet treat and take them to a very scenic setting in your town. It could be a hill at a park to watch the stars, or you could sit on the hood of your car and watch airplanes at the local airport.

Fancy Night

If you are not the type to dress up you can totally surprise your partner by going all out with a fancy dress or tuxedo and taking them to an opera or orchestra performance. Go the extra mile if you can, and rent a luxury car for the night.

Treasure Hunt

This requires a little creativity on your part, but don’t shy away if you are a bad artist, that can make it even more fun. Go to a local park or even your neighborhood would work. Hide tiny dollar store treasures and then make your date a map. Have them follow the map to the treasures.

No matter what you choose to do on your date night, remember that even the most day to day activities like taking a walk, visiting the library, or going grocery shopping can be fun. All it takes is a little creative thinking and maybe a few random hugs and kisses along the way.

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  1. Krista Brown

    Dec 08. 2012

    These are some really great ideas for dates. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years so that spark is dying off… as it is for many couples. I guess when you get bored of the typical dinner and a movie type dates, you just opt for staying home. I love the treasure hunt idea and I think that would really spice things up… especially if you involve things like lingerie or massage oils :).

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