Fitting in Romance When You Have a Busy Schedule

This is a topic I preach to my girlfriends and will someday share with my daughter too when she’s old enough.

simple and romanticEven if you are exhausted from a long busy schedule you have got to find a way to keep the romance alive! My mom taught me this by modeling it in the amazing relationship she had with my dad. I am so thankful she did! Not only that, I’ve learned to understand that both parties in a relationship are responsible for keeping the flame kindled in the relationship. Yes, the guys tell us how pretty we look and bring us flowers, but women need to do our part to show our appreciation for our partners too.

The good thing is, I’ve found that romance can be nourished with even the simplest things.

What’s your definition of romance?

If you feel that it is compromised of rose petals, bubble baths and romantic dinners in front of a roaring fireplace you may be disappointed. True romance is not always like we see in movies and on television. Some of the most romantic things my husband does are very simple. I adore when I’m busy writing and he comes by and gives me a kiss on the top of my head with his hands on my shoulders while I am sitting in front of my computer. I close my eyes while he does it to just feel the love.

That is a simple gesture that anyone can fit into a busy schedule!

I also love getting my kiss goodbye, as he leaves the house quite early to go to work.

Some things that I do take a little extra effort but only minutes from my busy day. I developed a sort of game that we play via text message. I send him an incomplete sentence that he has to complete. Today it was, “If I were stranded on a desert island with you, I would want to …..”

Of course his answer is confidential, you didn’t actually think I’d share it did you?

I challenge you to play a similar game and see what transpires when your lover comes home later that day! I guarantee they will not be exhausted.

There are so many other things you can do as well.

Things that are sweet, silly and random that will make them wonder what else you have up your sleeve.

Leaving post it notes is a sweet idea. Imagine going out to the car in the snow, scraping it off, climbing in all cold and miserable and there’s a little note on the steering wheel to warm you up.

On the other hand, I feel romance is also playful so I like to play little pranks on my guy. Like throw a little glass of chilly water on his back in the shower. So many people overlook that aspect of romance. You have to keep it light and fun.

Whatever you decide to dabble in when it comes to fitting in some romance, let it be uniquely you.

Send your guy or girl to work with a smile, and then have them thinking about you all the way home.

Then when they get there remember it’s the small touches, winks and smooches that keep romance alive, anyone has enough time for that!

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