Great First Date Ideas

The percentage of first dates that include dinner and a movie is probably extremely high.

It’s like, have we lost our creativity?

If you were looking for someone to date, (more than once) wouldn’t you be looking for something a little more exciting? Let’s save the go-to idea of dinner and a movie for later on when things are a bit more settled down, and go for the wow factor with the first date, shall we?

I mean, this is do or die here people, first date!

couple kissing behind a tree

You should always be trying to make a great first impression so here are some awesome ideas for a first date that will hopefully have him or her smiling for hours before falling asleep that night.


If you are over 18 chances are you have not played much. Hit up a local playground and try out the monkey bars, swings, and slides. It may be just a bit awkward at first but how could anyone not laugh and have fun at a playground? Just be careful not to knock over any kids, parents tend to not like that!

This is a great icebreaker for a first date and a great memory for the future. (Wink!)


Break it Down

No, I do not mean break dancing (although, that could be fun too!).

What I am talking about is break down your dinner!

I know I said no boring dinner but this is not the usual.

Pick three different places for appetizer, meal, and dessert. If you’re having a great time you can add a fourth for drinks. This beats the usual dinner date of just sitting in the same spot for hours.

Let them pick, you pick, or take turns picking! That gives you a chance to get to know one another better.

Give Back

This is definitely not your typical first date!

For this idea, you want to volunteer somewhere. It can be anything: a soup kitchen, a local garden or farm, anywhere that needs a little extra help.

This shows your date that you have a kind side and also lets you leave the date feeling like a million bucks. If it’s an impromptu date you can drive around performing random acts of kindness. It will be a feel-good kind of day!

Photogenic Much?

Tell your date to bring a camera, or you could share one. You can be freelance photographers and go somewhere like a local park, an abandoned place, a cemetery, or anywhere interesting. See what amazing photos you can capture but don’t show one another right away. photogenic date

When you’re finished go to a coffee shop or ice cream parlor. Sit and share your photos and get to know your date’s creative side.

Campus Date

This only works if it is not a college that you attend. College campuses have the most fun placed to go you could ever think of. Sports auditoriums, ice skating rinks, libraries, and eateries.

Pretend you are college students there and just go with the flow. Granted there may not be much going on but there is always a bar scene which is a good place to end up.

Ok. Now go off and enjoy your date. And come back for some great ideas for your Second date

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4 Responses to “Great First Date Ideas”

  1. Amanda Townsend

    Dec 08. 2012

    I love the idea of breaking down your date by picking different restaurants. I would have never thought to do this. The only problem is you would have to pay 3 or 4 different tips… however if you took turns paying or just split the tip, it would not be that much. Plus, it helps make the date last longer. And as a plus… for me, I’m always full after the appetizer… so by the time we’d hit the next restaurant, I’d be hungry again :).

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    • Tana

      Dec 10. 2012

      Hi Amanda! Glad you liked that idea!
      Don’t worry about the tips, in the end it’s the same thing. The tip is just a percentage so if you decide to split it or pay it off a bigger total, it ends up being the same!

      I have the same issue you have about getting full pretty quickly, so this is a fun solution for that. Plus, the change of ambience sparks new conversations. 🙂

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  2. Nina

    Nov 14. 2012

    Aww..this is a cute website I’ve stumbled across! How nice to give tips to people on how to be romantic! I hope all the boys are reading this one!! I like the giving back option. Volunteering could be really fun with someone else and also gives you something else to concentrate on if your date turns out to be not so great!!! lol

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    • Tana

      Nov 16. 2012

      Glad you like the site Nina! We all need a little more romance in our life! 🙂 Help me spread the word!

      Haha, and you’re right…if choose to do a “volunteer date” and the guy turns out to be dreadful at least you know some good came out of it! 😉

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