Cooking a Romantic Dinner at Home

This is one thing my spouse and I just love to do! It doesn’t matter if your children are running around and getting in the way it is still fun, cute, and very romantic.

Cooking together with your date or mate can be something very romantic. The smells, the tastes, the brushing pass each other as you reach for the salt. Mmmm…

You can call it “full contact cooking” if you’d like. And you should!

romantic cookingThe Necessities

You do not need to be a world-class chef to cook a great meal. All you need is a recipe, either new or old favorite.

Cooking supplies of course are important; most households have everything they need. All the ingredients, you could even make a shopping trip earlier in the day as part of the whole experience. Hit up the local farmers market for some extra fresh ingredients.

You’ll also want a nice table setting; perhaps grab some fresh cut flowers at the florist while you’re out.

Candles are great, and of course music is very nice for while you are cooking and while you are dining.

After the music is going and hopefully the wine is flowing, (all great cooks drink while they work!) tie on those aprons and get busy!

Play Time

This is where the “full contact cooking” comes into play.

If you ever take notice an opportunity to brush up against your mate; say to grab a whisk, or scoop an ingredient into the bowl…do it!

It’s also pretty sexy and romantic to give them bites of the food as you’re cooking, or stand behind them while they are preparing something (Safety note: never kiss them while they are cutting something. A trip to the emergency room is definitely a romance killer).

Never ever instruct them on how to do anything “the right way”. I will admit I have been guilty of this in the past because I am a bit of a perfectionist.

This romantic dinner is more about being together and accomplishment rather than being perfect.

Another tip is to make sure his or her wine glass is always full. You can whisper little sweet nothings in their ear when you pour it like, “You make that apron look good” or “This meal is going to be as delicious as you.”

Anything to make them smile, swoon, and hopefully get you some steamy kisses.

Enjoy Your Masterpiece

If you make it this far and don’t just give it all up for an impromptu make-out session (which is also awesome!), sit down at your gorgeous table and serve your significant other.

It is true that there is something about the act of serving that relays the message you are there to take care of them, and nourish them.

Then all that is left to do is sit back and relax, and enjoy the music.

You can always insist on dancing as well, the food isn’t going anywhere!

Check out this cool video on how to fold a napkin into a heart…What a nice touch for the table!

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  1. Gianna

    Dec 08. 2012

    I think it is so sexy to feed each other while cooking. My boyfriend loves the idea of cooking together because he loves to cook. I always visit your blog because I want to take advantage of the fact that I have a bf who is actually willing to be romantic… I just need help with ideas of how to make the most of it. :). Great ideas here and keep them coming :).

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