Romantic Ideas to Celebrate Your Partner’s Achievement

couple celebrating successWe should always celebrate life’s successes, and when someone you love accomplishes something amazing, like a new job, promotion, graduating, publishing a book, or losing some weight it is the perfect time to do something romantic and special for them.

Romance is not just a bouquet of flowers or a fancy dinner, it is all about showing just how much you care and respect the love of your life and how much you love celebrating their accomplishments.


Parties take a lot of time to plan and also a ton of thought to make them just right. If your love has something to celebrate there is no better way than to throw a party filled with their friends and family and of course you! Don’t forget the champagne, their favorite foods, and appropriate decorations. Go the extra mile and write a little speech about how hard they worked, and how amazing they are.

Just a Little Something

Be sure to pick up something appropriate for the occasion. If it’s a new job or promotion a briefcase, agenda, or pen with their initials or a personalized message is a great idea. If they lost some weight you could get them a new outfit or gift certificate. Then you can take them shopping and for a healthy dinner. There is always a matching gift for an accomplishment.


There are many inspiring, sweet, and yes… romantic quotes out there. If you can find the perfect quote that is inspirational and shows you care it can be printed and framed as a gift. What is amazingly romantic about this is that you are encouraging your love and letting them know that you have their back. Trust that they will hang it somewhere where they see it every day.

Go Big or Go Home

When you accomplish something great, you want to tell the world (even strangers) what you’ve done. So why not do that for your love? There are many ways to announce things in a big way. Billboards can be rented, DJ’s can announce it, radio talk hosts can broadcast it, in some cases sports arenas can display the news on the large TV’s or scoreboards. If you know the big day is coming, think of what they see during their daily drive or activities.

If all else fails, post a large sign in their yard asking people to honk for them.

Big Day Out

Think Ferris Bueller, if you don’t know who he is you may want to rent the movie. Wake them up bright and early, let them know this is “their day” to do whatever it is their heart desires. If they’ve been trying to accomplish something then there is no doubt they’ve been busy. Tell them it’s your treat to spend the day doing whatever they want to do with you. Maybe it’s a day trip somewhere, eating their favorite foods, shopping, seeing a movie, or maybe it’s just staying home all day with you!

No matter what it is, make it completely their choice. Also, make sure to congratulate them all day long and let them know just how proud you are.

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