pay more attention to your partner

Warning Signs That You Need to Pay More Attention to Your Partner

There are many signs that your partner could be losing interest in you, and you need to give them more attention. Nine times out of ten, if you have that sneaking suspicion or inner intuition you should listen to that voice because something is probably up.

relationship trouble

What to Do If Your Relationship Starts Falling Into Trouble

It is true what they say, relationships are like a roller coaster. The only thing that is certain is that you will have ups and downs. Remember our advice next time you feel that you are not in the best place in your relationship…

long distance relationship_2 phones joined by a heart shaped cord

Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

Think it’s impossible to make your long-distance relationship survive? Not so! It takes much more commitment, trust and patience but it can work. Here are some absolutely essential steps to helping your long-distance relationship not only survive but the envy of anyone.

couple arguing

How to Make Up After a Fight

The inevitable part of every relationship, the fight. As awful as fights are in the moment, they really are a true test of your relationship. If you can get through the worst of times then you deserve the best of them.