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Great First Date Ideas

The percentage of first dates that include dinner and a movie is probably extremely high. It’s like, have we lost our creativity? If you were looking for someone to date, (more than once) wouldn’t you be looking for something a little more exciting? I mean, this is do or die here people, first date!

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Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

The key to a date night for married couples is surprise. The good and bad thing about marriage is that you get comfortable. Comfortable can be good but it can also be boring. For a great romantic idea, pick something that will make them realize you still have a little mystery in you…

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Second Date Ideas

The second date with someone is usually much more laid back, so it’s a great time to do something fun and relaxing but… more »

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Fun Date Ideas

After the day-to-day routine, you should know that you play a big part in your date’s relief. If you have a date planned, they are thinking about it all day, anticipating what you will do together. Romance and fun are definitely two necessary elements for a great date. So whatever is planned, if you can say it is both of those things it is sure to be a success.