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Cooking a Romantic Dinner at Home

Cooking together with your date or mate can be something very romantic. The smells, the tastes, the brushing pass each other as you reach for the salt. Mmmm…
You can call it “full contact cooking” if you’d like. And you should!

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Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day has got to be the most romantic day of the year. Well, it is supposed to be anyways (probably up there with your anniversary).
But far too often people rush out at the last minute only to find some lame card because the shelves are all empty. Is this a way to celebrate your love for one another?

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Great First Date Ideas

The percentage of first dates that include dinner and a movie is probably extremely high. It’s like, have we lost our creativity? If you were looking for someone to date, (more than once) wouldn’t you be looking for something a little more exciting? I mean, this is do or die here people, first date!

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Romantic Christmas Ideas

Christmas is romantic all by itself: the falling snow, candlelight, mistletoe…the setting is already there! So when creating romantic moments, you’re already a step ahead. Thank you Christmas!
Gifts don’t necessarily have to be opened. There are many things you can do to have your loved one smiling from ear to ear.

anniversary ideas

Romantic Anniversary Ideas

What can be more romantic than celebrating the day you both declared your endless love for one another? The majority of couples celebrate with a romantic dinner. Can you imagine his or her surprise when you have planned something totally out of the norm?
Switching up your normal routine can definitely add spice and romance to your special day.

Romantic Birthday Ideas

Romantic Birthday Ideas

There are tons of ways to celebrate a birthday other than the usual going out to dinner and having cake and ice cream. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either if you don’t want it to. All it takes is a little effort and a lot of heart. After all, a birthday is not just another day when it comes to the person you love.

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Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

The key to a date night for married couples is surprise. The good and bad thing about marriage is that you get comfortable. Comfortable can be good but it can also be boring. For a great romantic idea, pick something that will make them realize you still have a little mystery in you…

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Second Date Ideas

The second date with someone is usually much more laid back, so it’s a great time to do something fun and relaxing but… more »

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Fun Date Ideas

After the day-to-day routine, you should know that you play a big part in your date’s relief. If you have a date planned, they are thinking about it all day, anticipating what you will do together. Romance and fun are definitely two necessary elements for a great date. So whatever is planned, if you can say it is both of those things it is sure to be a success.