What to Do If Your Relationship Starts Falling Into Trouble

It is true what they say, relationships are like a roller coaster. The only thing that is certain is that you will have ups and downs, and many more the longer the relationship lasts.

Troubled times are a chance for the both of you to make things better, and grow as a couple. Many see them as the end, but the trick to lasting relationships is to see these times as a growing opportunity.

We are not perfect and we will make mistakes throughout the months and years, but we can also learn from them and our relationship can become stronger as a result.

What Every Good Relationship Needs To Avoid Trouble

There are some elements that are essential for you to work on to keep your relationship strong and avoid troubles that can ultimately bring you apart.

relationship trouble

If you’ve noticed there are some minor troubles starting to surface in your relationship, now is the time to take some action.

  • Be emotionally open - Share your feelings with one another on a regular basis. Sure we are all busy, but your relationship should be one of your highest priorities  if you are looking to make it last.
  • Pay Attention - The art of listening is definitely a lost art. If you are only speaking and listening to yourself during an argument, nothing will be solved. When your significant other shares their thoughts and feelings, do not mock them. Try and put yourself in their shoes and understand where they are coming from. Remember, don’t take things personally. This is a chance for you to be understanding and make changes.Truly listen to your partner and take into account what they are saying and how they feel.
  • How does that make you feel - This is a great question to ask when your partner is struggling to express themselves. Reassure them that it is okay, you will not be mad at them if they tell you.
  • If the other person needs space. Give them space - It is also perfectly acceptable for one of you to not feel like talking at that very moment. They might need a moment to process what they are feeling and what is going on in their head. Do not follow the person around and hound them to get them to talk. Wait until they are ready. That said, do not leave issues around without dealing with them. They can snowball into a bigger problem.
  • Be intimate - Intimacy is a key element to any happy relationship. Even if the act of affection is just hugging, holding hands, or a kiss on the cheek; it lets your love know that you care. Making love is equally important – and fun! So make sure you make time for some hanky-panky. If your sex life is satisfying for both of you, that will also help keep you close.
  • Don’t sweat the common stuff - Child rearing, money and bills, family matters, work stress and things of that nature are common issues among everyone. The best way to resolve conflict in any of these areas is to give a little on your end until you meet in the middle. I know, easier said than done but if you each bend just a little then it will satisfy the other.

Aside from all of this it is important to nourish the relationship and keep it exciting.

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The element of surprise can really renew and restore your relationship in a way that you never expected.

Believe me, all anyone wants or needs in this crazy, high tech world is some attention. If they are not getting it along with some understanding and a shoulder to lean on they will look elsewhere.

Of all the needs that humans have, love is the strongest. They didn’t make up the saying, “living on love” for no reason!

If you do hang in there and get over the trials of your relationship I promise you it will be better for it. Any love worth making is worth fighting for!

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